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Concrete repair

Repair and reinforcement of structures

At Azul Construcción Repair we are specialists in the treatment and repair of concrete and structural repairs, as well as in the use of the most advanced techniques and means to achieve the maximum quality and durability of your structure.
Finally, depending on the case, we will use heavy equipment or light equipment, to suit your needs.

Your structure comes first, our team of engineers will study the case to offer the best possible solution. On the other hand, we are approved and official applicators for the main manufacturers on the market.

Repairs by injection

Initially, the most common repairs are concrete pathologies such as corrosion, changes in temperature or construction faults.

Once the defect has been detected, the affected area is eliminated by manual chipping or hydrodemolition until the reinforcement and sound concrete are revealed. High quality R4 and R3 fluid mortars are also used for repair, being injected inside the structure under pressure, avoiding air pockets inside the structure. Finally, we will obtain a result that will last for years.

Concrete repair - Other repairs

Finally, not all repairs are the same. Every repair is different. For example, some are done with resin, post-tensioning, armour repairs, passivation or anti-corrosion treatments.

Concrete repair with shotcrete