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Repair and reinforcement of structures

Quality, environment and occupational risk prevention policy

AZUL CONSTRUCTION is a specialised construction company with extensive experience in the execution of civil engineering and building works, whose MISSION is to become a leading organisation in the design of specific solutions using the best available technologies, under very demanding safety conditions and with highly qualified personnel. Its VISION is to have the capacity to respond to all the needs of its clients under a model of continuous innovation, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in all areas of its activity.

In order to guarantee these values, AZUL CONSTRUCCIÓN has a quality, environmental and safety management system based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 Standards, by which this Policy is established and which guarantees the following VALUES:

  • Customer orientation: our commitment to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, providing an optimal service, in compliance with the established requirements, deadlines and budgets.
  • Training: we value the qualification and professionalism of all our employees, which is why we provide them with the training of their talent and innovation on which our ability to bring innovative ideas and solutions to each project is based, and which allow for sustainable development.
  • Motivation and participation: guaranteeing the participation and consultation of all personnel, which actively involves them in the continuous improvement of the Management System and provides them with an increasing awareness of the quality of the service, respect for the environment and health and safety at work.
  • Environmental protection: controlling the environmental impact of our activities, paying special attention to pollution prevention, minimising the consumption of resources and considering their life cycle, and promoting energy efficiency and savings.
  • Health and safety: protecting all personnel working under the AZUL CONSTRUCCIÓN organisation, providing safe and healthy working conditions, and directing efforts at eliminating hazards and reducing risks to prevent accidents, injuries and losses. Prevention and safety is considered everyone's responsibility.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility: equal rights and obligations, without discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religious or political ideology, and ethics governed by the organisation's Code of Ethics in our interrelations with all our stakeholders are essential and inalienable values for AZUL CONSTRUCCIÓN, and constitute our basic guidelines for action.

Our policy is adapted to the context of our organisation and supports our strategic direction, providing a reference framework for the establishment of objectives, compliance with the requirements applicable to our activities, and the continuous improvement of our management system, for which Management is committed to providing the necessary human and material resources.

All the people under the AZUL CONSTRUCCIÓN organisation must act according to these premises, which makes us be recognised for the high quality of our services, respectful behaviour with the Environment and appropriate Occupational Health and Safety practices. This policy is reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and is properly communicated for its dissemination.

Communication of environmental considerations and occupational risk prevention

AZUL CONSTRUCTION through its Integrated Management System communicates to its suppliers of products and services some environmental and prevention environmental and occupational risk prevention considerations, in order to ensure that both the products purchased prevention of occupational risks, in order to ensure that both the products purchased and the services provided by them will not have an impact on the environment, and the services provided by them will not have a significant environmental impact and will be carried out environmental impact and will be carried out in a safe manner.

  • The supplier or subcontractor shall undertake to comply with the obligations incumbent on him by virtue of the application of application of environmental and occupational risk prevention legislation, applicable to the products or services supplied to this company.
  • In workplaces, as far as possible, good housekeeping good housekeeping practices shall be implemented in workplaces as far as possible:
  • Keep the work area clean as far as possible as far as possible, while the work is being carried out and especially once it has been completed. the final removal of rubble, packaging, packaging, rubbish, scrap metal and all types of waste generated in the work area, packaging, rubbish, scrap metal and all types of waste generated in the work area. work area.
  • Carry out the correct segregation of the waste generated, especially hazardous waste. waste generated, especially hazardous waste.
  • Make reasonable use of materials and natural resources. natural resources.
  • Proper storage and handling of chemicals and chemicals and hazardous goods or wastes.
  • Signposting of areas and waste with environmental impact.
  • Prevent leaks, spills and contamination of soil, manholes or watercourses. contamination of soil, manholes or watercourses, with prohibition of any uncontrolled dumping. of any uncontrolled dumping.
  • Use closed containers and drums, marked and in good condition,
  • Prohibition of uncontrolled uncontrolled abandonment,
  • Prevention of emissions of dust or other substances other substances during the development of the activities carried out at AZUL DE REVESTIMIENTOS ANDALUCES S.A.'s works. AZUL DE REVESTIMIENTOS ANDALUCES S.A. works.
  • The supplier or subcontractor shall be responsible for responsible for the removal of waste generated as a result of his activity or supply, and for its proper activity or supply, as well as for their correct management (removal, storage, transport, recycling, recovery, disposal), storage, transport, recycling, recovery, disposal). In the event of fail to do so, AZUL CONSTRUCCION may inform you that you have a deadline to take charge of them, and if the same, and if after this time the waste has not been removed, AZUL CONSTRUCCION will the waste has not been removed, AZUL CONSTRUCCION will manage it at its own expense, deducting it from the deducting the internal and external costs generated from the certifications and withholdings. external costs generated.
  • Wherever possible, products and materials shall be chosen products and materials whose composition, residues, use, resistance, etc., are more environmentally friendly etc., is more environmentally friendly (e.g. use of water-based paints instead of organic-based paints). water-based paints instead of organic-based paints).
  • The personnel of suppliers or subcontractors subcontractors accessing AZUL CONSTRUCCION 's installations or the works being works in progress must have the training that enables them to carry out the work or service for which they have been contracted. to carry out the work or service for which they have been contracted, as well as the required and that required in terms of occupational risk prevention by the applicable legislation in force. applicable legislation in force. In addition, they must have the necessary individual and/or collective and/or collective protection equipment and medical examinations in force.

At any time, AZUL CONSTRUCCION may at any time request from the supplier or subcontractor, evidence of compliance with the environmental and occupational health and safety considerations considerations set out herein.

Manuel Díaz Santos