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Repair and reinforcement of structures

We repair your structure by injecting resins and fluid mortars, using the highest quality materials and carrying out the work in a safe and professional manner. We will take care to respect the environment and leave your structure clean after our work, always using the appropriate personal protective equipment for each occasion.

By injection, we mean the action of introducing a liquid under pressure inside a structure. Never leave this type of work in the hands of non-professional teams.


Resin injections

Resin injections are very common in jobs that are delicate or at critical points of the structure. There are different types of resin, each one fulfils a different function, be it sealing, structural or water-reactive. We always use the highest quality materials and the latest generation machinery for injection and treatment of cracks, fissures, cavities, ground consolidation, waterproof screens.... We also use resins that react to water to close major leaks inside dams or reservoirs.

With flowable mortars

During repairs, it is often necessary to inject high-strength R4 or R3 flowable mortars. The main reason for injecting the mortar is to eliminate the risk of voids. Voids are very common during the mortar pouring process, as there is no pressure and air can get trapped in the recesses of the structure, which can cause a serious structural problem in the future. When we inject the mortar with pressure, the air will look for a place to come out, so we only have to help the air to come out while injecting.