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Repair and reinforcement of structures

Azul Construcción has the best hydrodemolition equipment on the market, both manual and robotised, to ensure the quality of the work and maximum performance.

It has various uses, depending on the pressure used. With a low pressure it can clean, scarify and prepare supports by opening pores, while with pressures of several thousand Bars it is capable of destroying even the most resistant concrete.

Finally, it has many advantages, such as very high performance, cost reduction and avoids the creation of micro-cracks that occur with traditional hand chopping, and its use is becoming increasingly popular.

Robotic hydrodemolition

By using robots, the activity is performed more accurately and faster, reducing the likelihood of errors and making it infinitely safer. This is because the operator operates the robot from a safe distance.

It is also possible to use autonomous robots that operate on their own once the correct parameters have been entered, or to anchor such robots to high or difficult to access structures called Ergos.

Manual hydro demolition

It is the most rudimentary technique of hydro demolition. It replaces traditional manual chopping and is increasingly being used around the world. Working with high pressure is a dangerous activity and operators must be properly trained for the activity.

Its advantages are important, the application time is considerably reduced, allowing cost reductions and at the same time obtaining technical improvements.


Consists of cleaning or preparing the substrate using low pressure, less than 500 BAR. It allows the pores of the surface to be uncovered and opened for subsequent application in quality conditions.