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Repair and reinforcement of structures


Experts in auscultation and repair of concrete and metal structures in the hydraulic area such as dams, canals, reservoirs or digesters among others. We also carry out the maintenance and monitoring of these structures. Our activities range from repairs and reinforcements to the installation of pipes and drainage networks.

Initially, for its study, we use the latest technology in monitoring and detection of pathologies, incorporating the BIM strategy in the process. 3D modelling and aerial or underwater inspections with drones are carried out with the aim of detecting these pathologies as early as possible.

Hydraulic works - Dams and reservoirs

Dam structure repair

Water is dammed in dams, either to produce electricity or to supply river sources. Due to humidity, it is very common for dams to show all kinds of pathologies, mainly due to corrosion. For this reason, if these defects are not taken into account in time, they can pose a major problem for the structural integrity in the future. So, small water leaks today could corrode the reinforcement and wreak havoc in the years to come.

To ensure the proper functioning and integrity of these structures, it is necessary to carry out studies to detect possible pathologies. As experts in auscultation and repair, we have all the necessary means to treat your structure and solve all kinds of problems you may have.

Finally, in parallel to any activity, BIM modelling, drone flights, photometry, reinforcement scans, corrosion tests and on-site inspections of galleries and drainage networks are also carried out.



García de Sola

Chanza Dam

La Serena

Hydraulic works - Drainage, boreholes and injections

Hydraulic works - Canals

Tanks and digesters