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Crawling and replacement of supports

Repair and reinforcement of structures


Crawling and support replacement. By crawling, we mean the activity of lifting a bridge using hydraulic jacks. Over time, the bearings show defects as they are continuously subjected to heavy workloads, and it is necessary to inspect them periodically. During this activity, it is always a good idea to make an inspection of the structure to detect other possible defects, either related to the supports, the joints or any other problem that the structure may suffer.

crawling and replacement of supports

We have extensive experience in this field, we take care of your bridge. We use state-of-the-art hydraulic equipment and the auxiliary means necessary to meet the needs of your structure. Our team of professionals will carry out the work in the shortest possible time and in a safe manner.

Replacement of supports

Crawling and replacement of bearings: As mentioned above, bridge bearings are subjected to high loads and stresses. They should be checked frequently for their condition. If they show defects, the bridge can slowly shift and this can be a danger to everyone. This is of vital importance, as keeping the infrastructure in good condition is synonymous with efficiency and savings. Replacing a support is relatively inexpensive, while repairing the damage caused by not doing it in time can be enormous.