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Repair and reinforcement of structures

grouting process in wind farm

Renewable energies are a commitment to sustainability in the future. Wind energy is increasingly gaining ground, both in developed and developing countries.

Wind farms require a lot of work for commissioning and maintenance. The activities we carry out include grouting, sealing, repair, reinforcement and pathology detection.

Clients such as Gamesa and Vestas continue to rely on Azul Construcción and its specialised teams for the inspection, installation and maintenance of wind farms all over the world.


Special materials such as MasterFlow 9200 are used in grouting to help the foundation base achieve increased strength to cope with the torsional forces caused by wind. It is a highly technical and precise process that adds reliability to the stability of the structure. Azul has heavy equipment that is at your complete disposal for any activity that your park requires. Complying with the most demanding application processes and being approved by the most important companies in this field, we can carry out the interventions in a minimum of time, in any part of the world and in various weather conditions, whether hot or cold.


The main problem in these structures is water seepage inside the foundation, which can cause serious structural problems in the future. Sealing is responsible for sealing and protecting the foundation from future water seepage. Azul is an approved applicator for the main manufacturers of the most advanced materials used, such as Triflex, Kemperol or MasterBuilder, so the quality of the application is guaranteed.

Repair and reinforcement - wind