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Drones and inspections

Repair and reinforcement of structures

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible, safely and cheaply, to obtain aerial images with a drone. These images are of great help in the construction sector, whether for planning, project feasibility studies, drawing up plans, topography, photometry, 3D mapping, point clouds, thermography or even access and inspections of areas that are not accessible on foot or potentially unsafe areas.

Drones and robots

For inspections in confined or difficult to access places and road structures, we use robots and drones, both aerial and underwater, in safe conditions and in compliance with the sector's regulations. We are flight operators authorised by AESA, as are our pilots. The most common areas of operation are bridges, dams, wind farms, linear works and access to details of structures that would be very costly and dangerous to access.

We also carry out inspections in drinking water tanks or industrial galleries, where hygiene is a very important factor. Once the pathology has been detected

Drones and inspections with difficult access

Accessing confined spaces or ATEX zones is a difficult task, only trained experts should do it. Training is a key factor in carrying out this type of work. Self-contained breathing apparatus, gas detectors and all types of personal protective equipment are sometimes necessary. In safety, we will enter your structure to identify the source of the pathology and offer you the best possible solution to suit the needs of the structure.