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Monitoring and auscultation

Repair and reinforcement of structures


Monitoring and auscultation

At Azul, we stand out as leaders in the collection and processing of data for the detection and monitoring of structural problems in buildings and constructions. With a focus oriented towards the technological vanguard and engineering excellence. We offer integral solutions that guarantee the safety and efficiency of your most valuable assets.

First, our expertise is based on the application of state-of-the-art technologies, ranging from thermography and the Ferroscan 3D scanner to the use of ultrasound, endoscopic cameras, corrosion testers and physical-chemical tests. These advanced tools allow us to perform a thorough and in-depth assessment. Review the structural integrity of buildings and construction elements, identifying potential deficiencies or latent problems that may compromise safety and long-term performance.

Specialized in the detection of problems in reinforced concrete and metallic structures. We use non-destructive techniques to identify the presence of cracks, corrosion, moisture damage and other factors that may affect the stability and strength of constructions. In addition, we provide continuous monitoring solutions that allow us to evaluate the evolution of these problems over time.

Finally, our team of highly trained and certified engineers works closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their specific needs and challenges. In conclusion, we design customized strategies that fit the unique conditions and requirements of each project. Using the information gathered and processed through our advanced tools, we develop detailed reports and accurate recommendations to address any structural issues identified.